Solo Releases

William Fowler Collins, Tenebroso

"With Tenebroso, William threads a cinematic element in his music that transcends even the best moments of classic Eno, permanently ushering William's work to a plane only inhabited by timeless musicianship. It is with this seminal release - a milestone in an already prolific career - that we embrace as part of our Dark Icons Series."
Released August 21, 2012 on Handmade Birds. Formats: CD, Digital

William Fowler Collins, The Resurrections Unseen

"It is a rigorous, subtle, and intelligent work of art, and Collins has indeed created a masterpiece of the genre." - Max Power,

As rolling hiss emerges from a muddy puddle of dank sub bass it might take a few listens to pick out exactly what you're hearing at all, but the terror is there from the very beginning. Many artists attempt dark music, but few really succeed – Collins has managed it by merely suggesting what our brains already know. A frightening thought indeed."
Released October 31, 2011 on Type. Formats: LP, Digital

William Fowler Collins, Hiding In Light

"Plumbing the depths of desert isolation with nothing but blackness in your heart."
Released July 23, 2010 on Digitalis Limited. Formats: Cassette, Digital

William Fowler Collins, Enter The Host

"Two side-long blasts of shruti box from William that are as caustic as any of his feedback journeys on electric guitar. Half an hour of total darkness channeled into long waves of sound."
Released June 15, 2010 on Root Strata. Formats: Cassette, Digital

William Fowler Collins, Perdition Hill Radio

"Perdition Hill Radio is the soundtrack for going under. The other channels on the radio dial have completely vanished into the void with almost everything else, and now there's nothing left but the doomful fuzz that sparkles with relentless satanic heat as the vessel pushes further into the desolate Southwest corridor." - Elliott Sharp,
Released June 16, 2009 on Type. Formats: 2xLP, CD, Digital

William Fowler Collins, Western Violence and Brief Sensuality

"On his debut album, William Fowler Collins seems to will his surroundings into life, almost in a mythic way -- if the image of the electrified American West is combination of open skies, desert heat, and lost, haunted emptiness..." - Ned Raggett,
Released September 1, 2007 on West Mountain Road Recordings. Formats: CD, Digital

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