Collaborative Releases

Thalassa, Bonds of Prosperity

Thalassa is the avant-drone project for Aaron Turner (Sumac, Isis, Mamiffer, etc.) and William Fowler Collins. In his many guises, Turner articulates a chimerical aesthetic that intrepidly explores beyond the scope of sludge, hardcore and post-rock. In Collins' blackened earth drones, he steadfastly engages in the elemental exploration of the New Mexican landscape that often inspire comparisons to the potency of black metal without the need for a single blast beat. It makes a hell of a lot of sense these two would eventually cross paths and collaborate. Released May 19, 2017 on SIGE Records. Formats: 2xLP, Digital

William Fowler Collins & James Jackson Toth, Under Stars And Smoke

Under Stars And Smoke is the soundtrack to an imaginary landscape wherein various "actual" locales are thematically superimposed atop one another to suggest new, alien terrain. Both the New Mexico-based William Fowler Collins and the then Kentucky-based James Jackson Toth find a great deal of inspiration in their adopted home regions: While Collins translates via mighty drones the vast, occasionally unforgiving mesas of the American Southwest, Toth bends and blends the sounds and textures of traditional bluegrass and mountain music. Complete with frame-worthy "pastoral psychedelia" cover art by visual artist Claudia X. Valdes, Under Stars And Smoke is an album as explicitly American and distinctly postmodern as the maverick artists who created it. Released April 7, 2016 on Blackest Rainbow. Formats: LP, Digital

Pyramids, A Northern Meadow

For A Northern Meadow, joining the Pyramids lineup (already consisting of R. Loren, M. Dean, M. Craig, and D. Willaim) is Colin Marston (Gorguts/Krallice/Dysrhythmia), Vindsval (Blut Aus Nord), and William Fowler Collins. The result being an encompassing album that stretches the Pyramids sound even further into something even more grand and epic; the band's most stunning offering yet, through an overwhelming sound picture heavy in atmosphere and ambience. One that is dark, dreamy, and lush, yet claustrophobic, mechanically crawling, and surgically cold at the same time. William Folwer Collins contributes dark, metallic atmsopheres. Released March 17, 2015 on Profound Lore. Formats: LP, CD, Cassette, Digital

Mesa Ritual, Mesa Ritual

Formed in New Mexico in 2009, Mesa Ritual is the duo of William Fowler Collins and Raven Chacon. These skeletal compositions expose a core that is both vibrant and severe. Much like the environment from which they originated, the sounds conjured by Mesa Ritual on their debut full length are simultaneously alluring and forbidding. Released May 14, 2014 on SIGE. Formats: LP, Cassette, Digital

William Fowler Collins / Daniel Menche, split release

Opening the album with a harmonious set of gently spiraling tones, Daniel Menche's piece, "Raised Coils of the Giant Serpent of Eternity" offers only this brief moment of serenity before a headlong dive into a cacophonous abyss of darker dimensions. Suspended in pools of liquid bass, layers of molten brass hover, dissolve and reappear. Conversely, William Fowler Collins' offering, "I Heard Only the Eternal Storm", remains in a state of subdued tension for much of its duration. Primarily constructed around the emanations of decayed strings, these glimmering filaments seem in perpetual retreat from comfortable stasis or momentous upheaval. Released May 20, 2014 on SIGE. Formats: LP, Cassette, Digital

Mamiffer / Pyramids, split release

Rare is the pairing of 2 bands for a split release, when their artistic visions actually compliment each other, where two distinct voices manage to create a cohesive piece instead of a varied playlist, and where the split format actually makes total sense. Such is the case with the split release by Mamiffer and Pyramids. William Fowler Collins contributes a remix of "This Is One For Everyone" for Japanese import CD release (Daymare Records). Released October 16, 2012 on Hydra Head. Formats: LP, CD, Cassette, Digital

Mesa Ritual, Voltaic Processions

Formed in New Mexico in 2009, Mesa Ritual is the duo of William Fowler Collins and Raven Chacon. " extraordinary 20 minute composition... Comparisons for this sound could reach from Joe Banks' experiments as Disinformation to the purified strains of Mika Vainio or Kevin Drumm, but this is an entirely unique performance that deserves to be regarded as such. Awesome." – Boomkat. Released 2010 on Sicksicksick. Formats: CD EP

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